What We Do


Random Rock is uniquely positioned to address critical issues that confound the traditional staffing model.


By partnering with Random Rock, our clients significantly reduce the risk of employee turnover, a particularly acute pain point for new, small and independent investment firms, as well as those pursuing strategic options like a sale or liquidation.


Staffing needs change in real time, so why can’t staff? Our deep bench of talent affords clients the freedom to mix, match and scale their teams based on the demands of the moment, improving execution and reducing wasteful spending.


Random Rock takes the guesswork out of hiring. No need to worry about fit. No need to waste time training. After a brief introduction, our expert private equity and private credit analysts hit the ground running. This is what we do, and we do it well.


Our analysts partner with clients to help them navigate each stage of the investment process.

  • Screen new investment opportunities
  • Meet with management teams
  • Help structure transactions and negotiate term sheets
  • Perform primary due diligence
  • Manage third-party due diligence service providers
  • Help draft legal documentation
  • Build financial models
  • Write and present investment committee memos
  • Track portfolio company financial performance
  • Participate in management and board meetings
  • Write investment reviews and valuation reports
  • Update LPs about prospective and existing investments
  • Develop communication materials
  • Present at annual investor days and other client events


Too often, good firms waste money, pass on promising deals and fumble execution because they can’t get headcount right.

We help our clients solve a wide array of staffing problems. Here are some of the most common.

“One of my analysts just left. I need short-term help until I can fill the position.”
When team members leave unexpectedly, clients rely on Random Rock to bridge the gap until a full-time replacement is found.
“I’ve got an influx of good deals in the pipeline, but I don’t have the manpower to underwrite them all at the same time.”
By using Random Rock as flex capacity, our clients are always appropriately staffed. That means fewer costs when business is quiet and better execution when activity picks up.
“I’m in talks to buy a portfolio of assets. How do I scale my team to analyze several dozen positions at once?”
Many firms aren’t built to diligence four or five investments at once, let alone four or five dozen, but with Random Rock’s support, they don’t have to be. Our analysts give clients the scale to efficiently review large, multi-asset portfolios without cutting corners or overwhelming in-house staff.
“Some of my best people quit after the firm began to publicly explore strategic alternatives.”
It is notoriously difficult for firms to retain talented personnel during a sale or liquidation process. Random Rock helps mitigate the risk of employee turnover by providing a consistent presence that preserves value and keeps day-to-day operations on track.
“My team spends too much time reading CIMs and writing portfolio reviews.”
Outsourcing routine analyst responsibilities, like deal screening and portfolio oversight, frees our clients to focus on the high leverage issues that can make or break fund performance.
“I need a staffing model built for the way PE and private credit firms actually work.”
Under the full-time model, Random Rock assumes responsibility for most functions below the director level. These include advising clients on investment strategy, underwriting transactions and monitoring portfolio performance.